About us
Durban South Panel and Paint was established in 1996 and is a BEE Level 1 contributor with ISO 140001 accredition. Our quality workmanship and excellent service resulted in both recognition and Original Equipment Manufacturer ("OEM") Approval from, amongst others Audi,Volkswagen, Toyota SA, GMSA ( Opel, Isuzu, Hummer, SAAB and Cadillac), Nissan SA, Alpha, Kia, Honda, Peugoet, Citroen, TATA and Ford & Mazda with additional OEM Approvals being pursued.
Durban South Panel and Paint is a progressive enterprise that continuously and consistently strives to improve the service experienced by our clients and our quest for excellence resulted in us being the first Toyota Approved body repair shop in KZN.
The business, through its massive infrastructure, human and physical resources is structured to provide a turnkey capability which ranges from salvaging of vehicles, storage, repairs, towing and transportation of vehicles.
Our highly trained staff, strategic and well established relationships with our suppliers, the smooth running of our operations and highly efficient admin systems ensures that we can meet our clients' needs in the shortest possible time thus eradicating the need for undue inconvenience.
Our excellent service and quality workmanship has qualified us to be chosen as a preffered service provider to most major insurance companies.
Business Philosophy
As a company we have adopted a business philosophy of firstly doing what we know best as best we can. This particular approach ensures that in the process of building a sustainable business we remain focused on our core competencies.
The success of our business can only be guaranteed through mutually beneficial smart partnerships between our employees, our primary clients (the vehicle owners, the insurers and brokers) and our suppliers.
"We will provide turnkey business solutions through a holistic approach that integrates quality workmanship and excellent service that translates into peace of mind for our clients"



Volkswagen Approved
Motor Body Repairer  


Audi Approved
Motor Body Repairer 


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